You vs. Science


What operates for you will not usually be backed by science. 

What is supported by science will not usually operate finest for you. 

That does not imply your non-scientific method is not successful.


It also does not imply the science that does not help your method is not suitable. 

The most successful method for the majority of persons is what is supported by science. But, even the finest study has limitations. It cannot adjust to all the particulars of actual life. Once you understand this, it is less difficult to navigate the “you” strategy with fewer bumps in the road.

Use science like a compass, but do not be afraid to channel your inner explorer. 

Use science like a compass, but do not be afraid to channel your inner explorer.

The location of your excellent health strategy is identified at the intersection of carrying out what operates and experimenting with what operates for you. 

How do you uncover this preferred place? 

Use science to leverage principles that we have powerful factors to think are accurate and will operate for the majority of persons. 

Use private practical experience, life style variables, and private preferences to adjust the principles to operate for you, even if it signifies bending the guidelines.

Learning to balance these two variables — and letting the former lead the latter — will support guide you to far better health.

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