The Beginner Resistance Band Workout You Can Do At Home


The drawback with training is never the exercises you carry out, however, somewhat, how they’re mixed collectively right into a program that may problem and alter your body.

At some level, rep-after-rep-after-rep simply doesn’t do the job, regardless of how onerous it feels. And, that is very true for at-home workouts. If you wish to profit from your time training, you want a plan.

We’re right here to cease the randomness of body weight and resistance band plans. The fact is, you’ll be able to utterly remodel your body with minimalist tools, however provided that you understand how to progress week-over-week and be sure to don’t burn out your body.


Instead of utilizing barbells or dumbbells, we’re going to maximise the usage of resistance bands. This resistance band exercise makes use of a basic exercise cut up (push/pull/decrease body or PPL) to create the last word 3-day muscle and strength-building cut up that challenges all the main muscle teams. The plan is easy sufficient to work for novices and nonetheless has sufficient progressions (particularly when you use bands with extra resistance) to problem extra superior trainees.

Push/Pull/Legs (PPL) is a 3-day muscle-building and strength-based exercise cut up. Each exercise focuses on both pushing, pulling, or your legs.

Your push exercise will goal primarily your higher body, particularly the chest, shoulders, and triceps.

The pull exercise focuses on the bottom of your body. It is constructed round rowing actions that focus on your again and biceps.

Finally, the legs exercise focuses solely on the decrease body. You’ll hit your quads, hamstrings, and glutes multi functional exercise.

Are you prepared? Whether you’re solely training at house, wish to work out on the street, or simply want a joint-friendly new training plan to create a spark, we break down every thing you want — together with a 4-week plan designed for outcomes. 

Want extra workouts? Just click on the picture beneath for an extra 12 weeks of body weight workouts.

Are you new to training with resistance bands?

The first query it is best to ask is learn how to set the proper resistance. After all, as we talked about, this plan can work for a newbie, and it will probably additionally problem those that persistently work out when you add extra resistance or use heavier bands.

To get essentially the most of our resistance band workouts, you want the band to start above its “resting threshold.” In different phrases, earlier than you start any motion, it is best to really feel the resistance within the band. Then, be sure you take your time, really feel the burn, and squeeze your muscle tissues through the exercise. You need it to have fixed stress via the complete vary of movement.

How Do You Get The Right Tension In The Band

Getting the proper stress in your bands comes right down to your foot placement. Get it proper, and the band will resist your full vary of movement. Get it unsuitable, and the band shall be both too tight (and due to this fact prohibit your vary of movement) or not tight sufficient to problem you.

Here’s a fast video on the place to place your ft within the bands and learn how to modify the stress.

How usually must you train?

At a minimal, it is best to carry out this exercise 3 occasions per week. Just be sure to comply with the Push, Pull, Lower body/Legs cadence. Examples for learn how to construction your week and when to relaxation are included beneath.

Sample exercise splits chances are you’ll think about:

3 Workouts Per Week

  • Monday: Leg exercise
  • Tuesday: Off
  • Wednesday: Push exercise (higher body exercise)
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Pull exercise (higher body exercise)
  • Saturday/Sunday: Off

3 Days On, 1-Day Off (6 Workouts Per Week)

  • Monday: Leg exercise
  • Tuesday: Push exercise (higher body exercise)
  • Wednesday: Pull exercise (higher body exercise)
  • Thursday: Off
  • Friday: Leg exercise
  • Saturday: Push exercise (higher body exercise)
  • Sunday: Pull exercise (higher body exercise)
  • Monday: Off
  • Tuesday: Pick again up once more with the leg exercise

As a place to begin, carry out 3 sets for the exercises we define beneath. You can modify the variety of sets based mostly in your weight training expertise, or improve the sets as soon as it feels straightforward. If you’re quick on time, simply run via all the exercises as soon as and the exercise will take about 20 minutes.

Your 4-Week Resistance Band Workout

If you wish to start difficult your body with a deliberate exercise, strive our 4-week resistance band exercise. Below, you’ll discover a top level view of the plan, an in depth video rationalization for every exercise, and a video displaying the whole exercise.

Legs Resistance Band Exercises

The first two actions of this workouts are what we name “primers.” Think of them as fast, exercise particular warm-ups that may enable you transfer higher. They gained’t require a band and will be performed in simply 1-2 minutes. After you full the primers, then you definitely transfer into the exercise.

Push Resistance Band Exercises

The first two actions of this workouts are what we name “primers.” Think of them as fast, exercise particular warm-ups that may enable you transfer higher. They gained’t require a band and will be performed in simply 1-2 minutes.

Pull Resistance Band Exercises

The first two actions of this workouts are what we name “primers.” Think of them as fast, exercise particular warm-ups that may enable you transfer higher. Use a lightweight band for the face pull and deal with a full vary of movement.

This exercise program is a good start for you however if you’re in search of extra customized workouts, nutrition recommendation, and accountability, then checkout Born Fitness Online Coaching. Everything is dealt with via a non-public app and customised to your way of life.

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What when you don’t have a resistance band at house?

There are many various resistance band choices, however we advocate The EliteFTS Pro Monster Mini Resistance Band.

Exercise Band Video Demonstrations

Let’s undergo every motion beneath to be sure to are doing it with correct type.

Kneeling Adductor Stretch

Glute Bridge

Band Resisted Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat

Band Resisted RDL

Bear Crawl 

Band Resisted Glute Bridge

Bodyweight Squat 

Shoulder Taps

Single-Leg Plank


Band Resisted Floor Press

Pike Press

Band Resisted Lateral Raise

Band Resisted Tricep Pressdown

Bird Dog

Band Resisted Face Pull

Single Arm Resistance Band Row

Hollow Band Resistance Band Lat Pulldown

Band Resisted Bent Over Row

Resistance Band Pull Apart

Resistance Band Hammer Curl

Now It’s Your Turn

That’s all we’ve for you. Now we wish to hear from you:

  • What exercise are you most excited to do?
  • What exercise cut up are you going to decide on?
  • Or do you might have a query on any of the movies we shared?

Let us know by leaving a remark beneath.

-BJ, Head Fitness Coach

P.S. Need extra content material for understanding and staying healthy at house? Check out our COVID-19 web page the place we’ve extra body weight workouts, nutrition recommendation, and different free content material.

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