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– She’s significant sufficient to want to do every thing herself, but nonetheless desires to be cuddled. She falls asleep in the vehicle driving about and I carry her inside, asking yourself if that time will be the final

– She can do the worm

– She loves animals, riding horses, and is convinced she’s a true cowgirl


– She terrific at taking things apart, building, and tinkering, and loves superheroes just as considerably as baby dolls

– She’ll ask you to study the identical book more than and more than and more than once more

– She’s the sweetest tiny sister and I like seeing Liv and P interact and play with each other. Some days, they take off playing upstairs and though I can hear them giggling and running about, I have no clue what they’re undertaking. It’s bittersweet to see them at this age significant sufficient to have a blast with each other but no longer needing me to be their continuous supply of enjoyable and entertainment.

– She’s a DAREDEVIL (aid us all). She’s constantly down for a new adventure, a zip line, a rock wall or tree to climb, and frequently begs and cries to ride crazy roller coasters that go upside down (even even though she’s not tall sufficient).

– When she was a baby, she had the greatest gummy smile that would light up her whole face. It’s nonetheless there, and she nonetheless has the identical high-pitched scream giggle

– She’s fierce, funny, super intelligent, and a correct adventurer. She’s 5 these days and I cannot even think it. Happy Birthday to such a vibrant, silly, sweet star. She completes our family members and she’ll constantly be the baby, even when she’s taller than me. &lt3

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