Medifast Vs Wonderslim Diet – Which Is Best and How Do They Compare?


Trying to determine involving Medifast vs Wonderslim? These two diets are incredibly comparable – each meal replacement applications with incredibly rapid weight loss benefits.

While Medifast is additional effectively-recognized vs Wonderslim, each diets have their personal special rewards.

So how do they examine? Here are the primary variations involving them (please note that diets plan terms are often topic to adjust).

#1 The Diet


Both diets are primarily based on low glycemic meal replacements and place your body into a mild fat-burning state. You consume unique diet regime meals of oatmeals, shakes, bars, lite entrees and desserts just about every 2 – 3 hours all through the day.

Both diets let you customize your order package so that you can incorporate your preferred meals.

With each diets, you incorporate your personal meal of lean protein and veggies. However Medifast does offer you frozen lean and green meals that you can purchase separately if you never have the time to prepare meals your self. Wonderslim does not have this solution.

#2 Online Support

While you do get an introductory kit and diet regime guidelines with Wonderslim, you never get on the web assistance.

In contrast, Medifast delivers a lot of on the web assistance which includes message boards, forums, recipes, emails and additional. You can also contact and speak to a Medifast coach if you have inquiries.

And if you require in-person assistance, you can take a look at a Medifast center and speak with a coach. So that is a good solution to have if you are nervous about performing the diet regime on your personal.

#3 Cost

Depending on the program you pick out, Wonderslim can be less costly (Note: this also depends on any present specials.)

For instance, the Basic Wonderslim solution begins about $7 a day – but you only get 4 meals a day (vs 5 with Medifast). And these meals only contains shakes, bars and snacks (no dessert or entrees as with Medifast).

The subsequent program up is about $8 a day and you get 5 meals a day (but once again, the dinner entrees and desserts are not integrated as they are with Medifast.)

The premium Wonderslim program provides you lite entrees and desserts as effectively – comparable to Medifast. But that program begins about $11 a day – which is quite considerably the exact same as Medifast.

So the expense is incredibly comparable when you appear at what you are essentially having – it boils down to what sort of program and meals do you want.

#4 Weight Loss Results

Both plans guarantee incredibly comparable weight loss benefits. Wonderslim dieters commonly shed up to 4 pounds a week.

According to Medifast, dieters can count on to shed up to 5 pounds a week for their initial 2 weeks, with weight loss levelling off slightly soon after that.

So What’s The Bottom Line?

The Medifast and Wonderslim diets are incredibly comparable – each offer you vitamin-enriched meal replacements and incredibly rapid weight loss. They are each medical professional encouraged and authorized as effectively.

The actual distinction is that you get a lot of on the web assistance with Medifast that you never get with Wonderslim. Wonderslim is additional of a do-it-your self program. But it is a small additional versatile (with 3 distinctive program possibilities) than Medifast.

So it boils down to what sort of diet regime you want to do. Regardless of what you determine be positive to verify with your medical professional just before beginning any diet regime or weight loss program. Good luck!

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