Fitness Equipment Review: The Marcy WM1509 Multigym



For these of us who intend to embark on a fitness regimen, it is essential to recognize that any prosperous programme has two essential elements: cardiovascular training, also named “cardio,” and strength training, also named “weight training.” For cardio, exercise that elevates the heart price and keeps it in a distinct “zone” is the most efficient variety. For strength training to be prosperous, you should exercise against some variety of resistance, such as weights. Innumerable strength training exercises are accessible, numerous of which need specialised gear. Luckily, there is a piece of fitness gear named a “multigym” that enables you to execute a wide variety of strength exercises, numerous of which formerly expected separate machines, on a single machine. Here’s some information and facts about 1 multigym we’re really partial to: the Marcy WM1509.

Overall rating:

4.5 out of 5 stars


Key Features:

This machine functions 2000lb tensile strength aircraft cable that is developed to withstand heavy use. Another top quality function is that the 3 3/4″ pulleys have sealed bearings to keep out dust, dirt and perspiration. Made from 2″ x 2″ heavy duty tubular steel, the frame will stand up to even the most vigorous exercises. The frame has a durable powder coated finish. The arm curl pad is adjustable, and the WM1509 comes with a lat bar, rotating straight bar, and ankle strap. The leg developer has oversized roller pads with a precision pivot point that enables correct muscle isolation. The weight stack is selectorised. Another quality feature is a “pec dec,” also known as a “seated lever fly.” This enables the user to execute a strength training exercise primarily based on the chest fly, which commonly is carried out with cost-free weights, on this premier piece of fitness gear.


About £300

Product Description:

The Marcy WM1509 is a versatile piece of fitness gear that is really compact, a function that these with restricted space are confident to appreciate. Despite its compactness, it enables the user to execute a broad variety of health club-top quality exercises, such as bench, incline and shoulder presses. It also gives the well-known butterfly, along with a series of exercises for creating the legs. The machine has each high and low pulleys, a preacher curl pad, and a lat pull down bar. The WM1509 has sealed bearings that provide a smooth, fluid action, and a 45kg weight stack that is covered for additional security.

Product Specifications:

This multigym weighs 101kg (222lb, 15.8st). Its dimensions are 160cm deep x 110cm wide x 209cm high. The maximum user weight the WM1509 will help is 140kg (308lb, 22st). The WM1509 has a 1 year components and labour warranty.

About Marcy Fitness

Founded in 1946, Marcy Fitness is committed to offering protected and effectivefitness gear that enables customers everywhere to execute a wide variety of strength training exercises. The company’s founder, Walter Marcyan, was committed to taking strength training out of the health club and placing it into the household. The enterprise remains totally committed to his vision.

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