Beware of the Next Trend 


There are several elements — food hyper-palatability, high-tension lifestyles, and confusing misinformation — are all close to the leading of the list. But on a purely social level, the wish to chase the subsequent trend is a huge aspect of the dilemma.

In eating plan and exercise, constant movement and healthy eating keeps the medical doctors (and obesity) away.

In social media, undertaking a thing new, cool, and distinctive keeps FOMO at bay. 


It’s the battle of FOMO (fascinating) vs. repeated each day behaviors (boring).

In reality, it should really be the battle of aggravation (appear, a new trend!) vs. self-confidence and final results (I know what to do!)

The option should really be uncomplicated. But, the energy of “what if” plays tricks on your thoughts. 

“What if…This next trend is better?” 

“What if it’s more effective?” 

“What if I’ll be healthier?”

Your heart dreams of a thing improved, but your thoughts ignores reality. 

You do not adjust jobs each day. You do not move to a new household each week. You do not substitute buddies and family members like socks and underwear. 

Consistency and stability are a huge aspect of what leads to additional happiness and much less tension. Reliable anchors make it a lot easier to thrive in chaos.

It’s time to start asking: “What if all these distractions are the real reason I’m stuck and headed in the wrong direction?”

If you have been forced to stick with one particular program for a year, you’d see improved final results, tension much less, and save a hell of a lot of time that is commonly wasted window buying on your health. 

We feel undertaking a thing new is the missing aspect of the equation. 

In reality, undertaking the identical handful of healthy behaviors — and generating progress more than time — is what adds up to improved final results. 

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