An Introduction to the ACE Mover Method™


A profitable personal trainer does greater than design exercise applications and educate correct motion strategies. To optimally help shoppers, an efficient private coach should even be expert in teaching individuals in the technique of adopting and adhering to health-related habits change, whereas concurrently selling the situations by which motivation prospers.

The ACE Mover Method™ is the centerpiece of ACE’s client-centered method. This philosophy positions ACE Certified Professionals to be efficient behavior-change guides for his or her shoppers. Simply put, the ACE Mover Method is a philosophy that focuses on how to successfully method shopper interplay and engagement, no matter the space of health or fitness by which you’re employed.

Proper implementation of the ACE Mover Method is what sets ACE Certified Professionals aside in the business. Personal training, for instance, entails way over programming sets, repetitions and exercise period; at its core, it’s about motivating shoppers to undertake and cling to habits adjustments that can positively impression their health, fitness and total high quality of life.


So, does the ACE Mover Method change the behavior-change theories and ideas you studied in the ACE textbooks as you ready to your certification examination? Not in any respect. In truth, the ACE Mover Method is predicated on a few of the basic ideas of habits change with which you’ll already be acquainted, together with constructive psychology, motivational interviewing, self-determination principle and the transtheoretical mannequin of habits change. You’ll little doubt acknowledge a few of their elements as you study extra about the ACE Mover Method.

The ACE Mover Method is based on the following tenets:

  • Each skilled interplay is client-centered, with a recognition that shoppers are the foremost consultants on themselves. You could also be an knowledgeable on bodily exercise and making healthy selections, however you wouldn’t have the solutions for a shopper in case you are not being collaborative and taking every shopper’s experience under consideration.
  • Powerful open-ended questions and energetic listening are utilized in each session with shoppers. No one likes to be advised what to do. In truth, individuals typically really feel defensive and uncomfortable once they really feel they’re being directed to make adjustments that don’t align with their private values and beliefs. When working to empower a shopper to make a habits change, few issues are extra counterproductive than making her or him really feel defensive and uncomfortable. By asking the proper questions and utilizing energetic listening abilities, you may study what the shopper values after which collaborate with her or him to develop a plan that’s extra probably to be efficient and significant.
  • Clients are genuinely seen as resourceful and able to change. When you deal with a shopper’s strengths, somewhat than probing for deficits, it rapidly turns into obvious that the shopper already has a lot of what’s wanted for profitable habits change. Focusing on what’s “right” with the shopper, somewhat than on what’s “wrong,” is a component of constructive psychology that helps you and the shopper work collectively to establish the finest path ahead.

It is vital to be aware that the ACE Mover Method is supported by analysis and is a crucial aspect of the evidence-based apply that’s the hallmark of ACE’s textbooks. Just as the exercise and programming suggestions that ACE options are primarily based on peer-reviewed proof, so too are the ACE Mover Method and the behavior-change theories and fashions on which it’s primarily based. Be certain to try the instructed studying beneath to study extra.

The ACE Mover Method is about establishing a client-centered method to working with shoppers that’s actually empowering and personalised and primarily based on the values, beliefs and targets of every particular person with whom you’re employed. As a health and exercise skilled, what extra might you ask for than shoppers who’re succeeding on their very own phrases and in methods which might be deeply significant to their private lifestyle-change journeys?

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