6 Myths Debunked and Tips for Finding the Best Running Shoes


It’s laborious to contemplate running with out moreover fascinated with one piece of medicine: running footwear. We usually put a wide range of consideration into what goes on our toes as soon as we want to buy new footwear. These days there could also be a wide range of numerous fashions on the running shoe market. This might make purchasing for a model new pair of running footwear pretty an issue!

From “barefoot shoes are perfect for a natural running style” to “light shoes make you faster”… The running world is filled with opinions and myths. But how rather a lot actuality is there to the opinions and “facts”? We talked to our expert Sascha Wingenfeld, and he confirmed us what truly points in the case of discovering the best running footwear for your needs.


Myth 1: “Barefoot shoes are perfect for a natural running style”

“Naturally, it is easier to run with efficient running form in minimalist shoes,” believes Sascha Wingenfeld. “Barefoot shoes force the runner to run on his or her forefoot, where only the balls of the feet make contact with the ground.” On the completely different hand, this methodology areas high calls for in your muscle mass and locations a wide range of have an effect on in your ankles and knees. “Many recreational runners lack the necessary stabilizing muscles to be able to run in barefoot running shoes for long a long time without developing problems.”

Runners further accustomed to standard running footwear will subsequently need further time to get used to these new fashions. Otherwise, they hazard straining one factor. “Plus, these models are not so comfortable. They no longer provide your feet with the customary protection from cold, dampness, stones and the different terrain,” said Sascha. In this style, barefoot footwear typically is a useful addition as a training system.

Bottom line: Barefoot footwear are glorious for altering and optimizing your running method. But these fashions aren’t truly suited for your daily long-distance run.

Myth 2: “Orthopedic insoles help you run pain-free”

Orthopedic insoles are designed to supply the foot the essential stability which the body’s private stabilizing muscle mass in the foot and knee aren’t able to present completely. These insoles are subsequently alleged to allow you to run pain-free. But is that this true? The running expert had this to say: “Good running footwear are equipped with further cushioning and help the place the explicit person runner’s foot tends in direction of misalignments and imbalances. The essential issue to remember is that sporting objects retailers often try to advertise you insoles mechanically when purchasing for footwear.” But these insoles aren’t a standard fix-all reply: “The only time a customized orthopedic insole is a good idea is when pains cannot be relieved by other training methods.”

Bottom line: Improving your strength, mobility and running variety is a larger method of correcting straightforward imbalances than insoles.

Myth 3: “The only differences between men’s and women’s running shoes are the design and the color”

These days, many sporting objects producers present explicit running shoes for women and males. Sascha recognized that there is a good objective for this: “The female foot is – in contrast to the male foot – smaller, narrower, more flexible, and takes up much less volume. In addition, men and women differ in terms of body weight and overall motor control.” All these variations are considered in the design of varied running shoe fashions: The heel of a women’s running shoe, for occasion, has a lighter and further versatile out and midsole. Other components of the shoe are moreover gender-specific with regards to building, cushioning and match.

Bottom line: Running footwear for males and women differ in quite a few strategies. These aren’t always obvious at first look. “But for those who want to uncover the best running footwear that match utterly, it is always best to associate with your gut. Women can, actually, run in males’s footwear, too. The main issue is that they actually really feel cozy in them.”

Myth 4: “Stability shoes reduce orthopedic problems and are better for your joints”

Humans are born to run. This means our toes are actually designed for barefoot running. Unfortunately, now we have now misplaced this functionality by carrying sturdy footwear day-after-day. This is why we might like a running shoe that offers us with optimum help. So the question is: are stability footwear essential to get the help we might like? “The further our toes are guided and influenced by safe footwear, the a lot much less our running variety has in widespread with our body’s pure movement.” Therefore, stability running footwear take over a whole lot of the work that the body should preserve our muscle mass in kind.

Bottom line: Stability footwear are useful for endurance runners whose foot muscle mass lack the essential strength to produce mounted stability, nonetheless will probably be easier to increase muscle strength in its place of leaving this job to the footwear.

Myth 5: “Runners need several different pairs of running shoes”

Our running variety benefits from a variety of training stimuli. This maintains our dynamic motor experience and locations further spring in our step. Sascha said, “This mainly concerns a variety of speeds, surfaces and running shoes.”

Bottom line: Using a variety of completely completely different shoe varieties forces our toes and running variety to adapt to a wider differ of training a whole lot. This then helps refine our running method step-by-step. Joints, ligaments, tendons and muscle mass flip into stronger and are subsequently a lot much less susceptible to hurt. “Two pairs of shoes are plenty for recreational runners,” advised Sascha.


Faster running cases primarily rely in your body weight, training stage and running variety. Very light running footwear can overtax the body of novice runners who do not possess the essential muscular stability. “The lack of stability can pose points for beginning runners.” In this case, heavier footwear might be increased on account of they provide increased guidance of the foot.

Bottom line: The increased state of affairs the runner is in, the further he or she can revenue from lighter running footwear. But, usually, lighter footwear do not make for faster runners.

Sascha’s advice

The best running footwear ought to satisfy the explicit person needs of the runner. But this by itself stays to be no guarantee in opposition to accidents, ache or overloading. In addition, there are a selection of parts that have an effect on the various of shoe, along with the velocity you train at, the time of yr, and the type of flooring you run on. The key to sustaining running pleasurable is a healthy and safe running variety which means which you can run in many various shoe fashions. For most runners, what points most aside from the correct shoe is a well-planned training schedule, coupled with environment friendly exercises for bettering their stability, strength and method.”


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